Dive In!

Scuba diving is a pleasure made for few, but for those that love it enjoy every bit of the experience and scenery the underwater offers. Whether it is for recreational or professional purpose, nothing beats the beautiful creatures found under the sea. Scuba diving can be fun if you want to interact with other forms of life particularly those that habit in the underwater worlds. Discovering and learning about these awesome creatures makes a scuba dive a trip to remember.

To enjoy this wonderful pleasure, pack your bags and head to some of the amazing locations for diving. Here are some of the best places to have the time of your life scuba diving.

1. Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia. This is a place dear to my heart. It is an awesome underwater site. This is a location of many school of fishes not to forget that white sharks can be seen here.

2. Puerto Galera, located in the Philippines is a beautiful scuba diving spot, rich in sea life and lots of eye catching coral reefs. It is famous among picture lovers.

3. The Blue hole, located in Belize. It is fast becoming popular among leisure divers. This unique spot was ranked in the year 2012 as one of the 10 amazing places to visit by the Discovery channel.

4. Bonaire, located in the Netherland. This spot offers tourist a variety of exciting options for diving. As a marine reserve many of the underwater beauty is untouched and well protected. The reefs provides a lot of sea life to be viewed.

5. Bazaruto Archipelago, located in Mozambique. This beautiful location not only offers the wonderful sights of nature underwater also has given visitors the opportunity to have adventures exploring wrecked ships.

6. Ras Mohammed, located at the Red Sea. It has a diverse ecosystem, which allows for great visibility at every time of the year. It also has some beautiful reef for picture lovers. There is also a ship wreck which is said to have among other things a BWM (who knows, why not visit and discover it yourself).

7. Kailua Kona, located in Hawaii. It known for it rich variety of topical fishes, sharks, whales etc. It has a large marine reserve. Also plankton are attracted to this location because of the underwater floor lights.

8. Cayman Island, it location is for its taxonomic collection of saltwater creatures such as stingrays, box fish, clown fish etc.

9. Papua, located in New Guinea. This location has some ship wrecks for exploration particularly ships from World War II. It also has some shallow reefs.

10. Palau, located in Micronesia. This spots is also known as the blue corner wall and it offers the sights of barracudas, sharks etc. it also have some wonderful corals.

The Bahamas is a general location that has various diving locations that gives tourism wonderful views. From ship wreaks to beautiful coral reefs. It is a scuba diving paradise for most tourist. You just don’t what will swim by you.

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