Traveling abroad for the first time?

Taking your first trip abroad is definitely an amazing feeling. But it can also be a very daunting feeling. Although it is normal to feel scared and confused, adequate preparation can help relieve some of the anxiety.

When travelling abroad for the first time, there are many things that you need to consider and prepare for. You cannot be sure of what to expect. You will almost certainly make some mistakes. But it is through mistakes that we learn.

Here are some of the things you should know if you are taking your first trip abroad:

(1)Do you have a destination in mind?

Whether you are visiting a place you read about in a book or saw in a movie you need to have at least a rough idea about the place. It all depends on the kind of activity you intend to engage in during the trip.

(2)Have your passport ready

A passport is a must-have. Although a passport is not too hard to get, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. There are a few procedures to follow and waiting until late only complicates matters for you. You may need between $100 to $200 in processing and other charges.


Although this is not a requirement for many countries, there are some that require all visitors to have a visa. Each consulate has its own processes and some can be very frustrating. Just like your passport application, starting this process well in advance will save you a lot of trouble.

(3)Do you have to use your phone?

I learned the hard way about how crazy roaming charges can be. You are best advised to switch off your mobile data once you enter the plane. You don’t want to be slapped with a huge bill on your return home just for uploading a few photos and videos on Instagram. If you can, just use the voice and text services to communicate with the folks at home.

(4)Gather as much information as possible

Although being random and spontaneous is more fun, there are some things that you just have to plan for in advance. For example if you are to pick a bus on arrival, know the name of the bus as well as the destination you want to reach.

(5)Language barrier

Be prepared to encounter people who don’t speak any English. Try to learn a few words of the local language. Locals will warm up to you if they see you making an effort to learn their language. For a start, learn to say a greeting in the local language.

(6)Don’t travel too light

Although carrying too much stuff can get in the way of you having fun, you also cannot afford to travel too light. Make sure you carry all the essentials but leave some space for some of the little things you will pick up.

(7)Keep your cash safely

Keep your cash in separate places to avoid losing it all at once. Leaving some cash in your room is a good way of covering yourself in case you are robbed. Your passport also needs to be in a safe place throughout.

(8)Learn to fit in

Be humble when taking to the local people. Be curious to know about their lives and be interested in their responses. Listen more to learn more. Also don’t use your standards to judge another country.

(9)Have enough money in the local currency

Cash makes it much easier to move. Have enough change to use for moving around and buying food and other little things. If you have to shop at big stores, have your international debit card.

(10)Do enough prior research

Get a feel of the local culture by reading some of that country’s literature. That way you will be able to get the maximum from the trip and at the same time manage your expectations.


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Planning a Family Vacation

A family vacation brings family members together using a unique approach. It permits room for creation of sweet and long lasting memories among the family members involved. Family members are able to enjoy quality time with one another as they relax and have conversations. This article divulges techniques on how to plan the perfect family vacation. They entail:

Choose the right destination

When the destination suits everyone, the family vacation turns out right. It is fundamental for the destination chosen to meet the expectations of every person. All those participating in the family vacation are supposed to be consulted when picking a destination. The individuals also need to accrue details about the agreed upon destination. Accruing information from online sources reveals enough details. One person can also embark on a pre-visit to certify that the destination is suitable for everyone. The right destination yields satisfaction for all.

Rent an apartment

Renting an apartment as opposed to a hotel is an applicable technique. A rented apartment offers many benefits including adequate space, flexibility and affordability. The apartment’s kitchen gives individuals the freedom to prepare their own meals. Accommodation expenses are also kept at manageable levels since an apartment can accommodate a large number of people.

Use travel agencies

Travel agencies are better placed to offer valuable information about the best destinations to go on a family vacation. They also offer attractive travel incentives for travelers making the traveling costs affordable.

Have sufficient financial resources

Individuals must have a clear idea of the projected traveling costs. Once this is established, efforts should be made to have adequate financial resources for the vacation. Adequate financial resources enhance a smooth family vacation.

Pack only the essentials

Packing is major concern for people intending to have a family vacation. The desire to pack almost the entire wardrobe is overwhelming. Majority of people worry that the clothes they carry will not be enough. However, packing should be a simple affair. Only the necessary outfits should be packed. In fact, a maximum of three to four outfits are okay. If swimming is on the agenda, packing swimming costumes is basic.

Focus on the interests of the kids

The kids should have maximum fun on a family vacation. They ought to feel happy by doing what they love. Encouraging them to carry their favorite items such as funny story books, toys and games ensures they are engaged most of the time. Creation of a regular routine forms a pattern for kids to identify with. Specific time needs to be set for having meals, visiting various locations and sleeping. This is important for the kids to blend in well in the new environment and avoid throwing tantrums.

Organize picnics

Family vacations demand diversity. Sticking to only one activity can be monotonous and boring. Picnics during afternoons on some days can be great for unwinding and interactions. For the kids, there is plenty of time and space to play and for you there is beautiful landscaping and scenery for you to enjoy.

A well planned family vacation has the power to nurture fun. The above mentioned tips lead to realization of a perfect family vacation.


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Planning a road trip

Most people yearn to undertake a road trip occasionally with close relatives and friends. It is an interesting way to explore what various destinations of the world have to offer. Planning the road trip in a quality manner can be immensely devastating. But it is possible. Below are strategies on how to plan the best road trip.

Competently plan for the road trip

Effective planning is central to a great road trip. It eliminates chances of making hasty and ineffective decisions regarding the road trip. It is through planning that objectives of the road trip are discovered. Further, an individual is able to exercise flexibility during the road trip. In planning for the road trip, a person should accord attention to the following:

· The specific duration of time the road trip will take.

· All the important destinations to be visited.

· An idea of the routes to use and stopovers to make.

· The suitable places for lodging at various destinations

· The accessories needed-emergency and first aid kits,

Formulate a reasonable budget

A budget is an indispensable tool when planning for a quality road trip. Enough monetary resources are required to spearhead the road trip. Accounting for all the expenses to be incurred must be demonstrated in a budget. Doing so ensures that one has enough money during the entire period of the road trip. Expenses to be budgeted for include: fuel costs, accommodation costs, meal costs and costs for attraction sites to explore. Allocating money for emergencies is a wise idea too. To garner an accurate estimation of some of the expenses in a budget, research is important. The internet is a suitable technique for research. A person will know the costs charged by hotels and lodgings for meals and accommodation and the distances to be covered which determine the fuel costs.

Be flexible

A road trip presents opportunities and challenges almost in similar measure. Having an open mind is necessary to handle each situation well. One stop over may prove overly interesting adding fun to the road trip. Individuals can decide to concentrate on the stop over and leave out others. Still, challenges can arise calling for adjustments. Road trips risk exposure to impassable roads and road construction which can lead to change of routes.

Continuously research appealing destinations

A road trip is a good opportunity to exhaustively bond with nature. As you drive from one destination to another, make frequent stopovers. This is a convenient way to find out if there are pleasing attraction sites in each destination. Utilizing smartphones and Google guarantees spotting a remarkable spot that arouses your curiosity.

Make prior lodging arrangements

Fatigue is unavoidable during a road trip. Individuals should book in advance places to spend the night that are close to the destinations they visit.

Car servicing is crucial

The essence of a road trip is to partake of a fulfilling drive. The drive is realized if a car is in good condition. You definitely do not want a car to slow down your progress during a road trip. Prior to the road trip, the car should be subjected to repair and maintenance services. The technician should ensure the brake system is fully functional. Oil change and other safety inspections are also fundamental.

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Living the cruise life

In recent years the cruise vacation has become more and more popular and people are considering it as the vacation of choice during any time of year. It is important if you have children to select the best family friendly cruise to be sure everyone will be satisfied. Not every cruise is family friendly, some cruises are meant strictly for singles or just for couples. You’ll want to double-check and be certain the cruise you are selecting is ideal for families.

Every family is different, so keeping in mind what your children like to do is critical. Some children love outdoor activities and others like creative activities such as arts and crafts. Visit the cruise line’s website and see exactly what activities are planned for children to see how children will be entertained. You’ll want to be sure that your children will enjoy the activities and entertainment that will be on the cruise. After all, once you are on the boat there is no way you can simply pack your family up and drive them somewhere else for the afternoon! Whatever the cruise line provides you with is what you have to enjoy.

Some potential guests are hesitant to ask questions before booking a trip but don’t be scared! Asking questions can help you find exactly the right cruise line for your family. Ask your travel agent which cruises they would suggest for your family. Give them the ages of your children and describe their personalities and what they like to do. This will help the travel agent have some idea of the best cruise line and ship to suggest to you. Fortunately, there are many trips to select from — and certainly there is bound to be a cruise that will please your family.

There are cruises for all sorts of people and all types of themes. Families with gay parents can enjoy cruises specifically for these families. Cruises also exist for vegetarians and those that enjoy specific sporting activities. There are also family friendly cruises that feature popular cartoon characters that your children have most likely watched on the television set and video literally since they were born. These cruises are ideal for families as they offer great entertainment for children.

Talk over the idea of taking a cruise with your family. When you have never gone on a cruise, sometimes the idea seems very new and foreign. It may be a great idea to consider taking a short cruise to “test the waters” so to speak and help decide if your family enjoys cruising. Remember that larger cruise lines will most often offer the most options and everyone’s experiences are different. A shorter trip is an excellent way to get a sense of what your toddler or teenager would feel like on a cruise ship and how your family feels about the cruising experience.

Many families consider cruising the ideal vacation. Everything is planned for you when you take a cruise. Your meals are prepared for you and your activities are all available for you, all you have to do is simply sign up and enjoy. Cruises are typically all-inclusive for most services. Many families feel that they get a real bargain in many ways for the type of vacation they wind up enjoying. Cruising is a wonderful way to visit just about anywhere in the world, at just about any time during the year.

There are family friendly cruises that will appeal to many. Choosing the best cruise for your family is critical. You deserve to be happy and relaxed on your family vacation. Like every family that has tried cruising you’ll certainly discover it is the best way to take a vacation!

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We just took a trip to Niagra Falls (it was on my bucket list, I feel like if you live in the US you have to go!).  Anyway, because of that I’ve been a little crazy about waterfalls lately.  Check out this video with some of the best waterfalls in the US!


Dive In!

Scuba diving is a pleasure made for few, but for those that love it enjoy every bit of the experience and scenery the underwater offers. Whether it is for recreational or professional purpose, nothing beats the beautiful creatures found under the sea. Scuba diving can be fun if you want to interact with other forms of life particularly those that habit in the underwater worlds. Discovering and learning about these awesome creatures makes a scuba dive a trip to remember.

To enjoy this wonderful pleasure, pack your bags and head to some of the amazing locations for diving. Here are some of the best places to have the time of your life scuba diving.

1. Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia. This is a place dear to my heart. It is an awesome underwater site. This is a location of many school of fishes not to forget that white sharks can be seen here.

2. Puerto Galera, located in the Philippines is a beautiful scuba diving spot, rich in sea life and lots of eye catching coral reefs. It is famous among picture lovers.

3. The Blue hole, located in Belize. It is fast becoming popular among leisure divers. This unique spot was ranked in the year 2012 as one of the 10 amazing places to visit by the Discovery channel.

4. Bonaire, located in the Netherland. This spot offers tourist a variety of exciting options for diving. As a marine reserve many of the underwater beauty is untouched and well protected. The reefs provides a lot of sea life to be viewed.

5. Bazaruto Archipelago, located in Mozambique. This beautiful location not only offers the wonderful sights of nature underwater also has given visitors the opportunity to have adventures exploring wrecked ships.

6. Ras Mohammed, located at the Red Sea. It has a diverse ecosystem, which allows for great visibility at every time of the year. It also has some beautiful reef for picture lovers. There is also a ship wreck which is said to have among other things a BWM (who knows, why not visit and discover it yourself).

7. Kailua Kona, located in Hawaii. It known for it rich variety of topical fishes, sharks, whales etc. It has a large marine reserve. Also plankton are attracted to this location because of the underwater floor lights.

8. Cayman Island, it location is for its taxonomic collection of saltwater creatures such as stingrays, box fish, clown fish etc.

9. Papua, located in New Guinea. This location has some ship wrecks for exploration particularly ships from World War II. It also has some shallow reefs.

10. Palau, located in Micronesia. This spots is also known as the blue corner wall and it offers the sights of barracudas, sharks etc. it also have some wonderful corals.

The Bahamas is a general location that has various diving locations that gives tourism wonderful views. From ship wreaks to beautiful coral reefs. It is a scuba diving paradise for most tourist. You just don’t what will swim by you.

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